Victor & Katya Zubarev

Victor & Katya Zubarev

Moscow, Russia

Victor and Katya Zubarev were married in 1996 when Victor was a youth pastor in Samara and studying at the medical university. Victor became an ENT doctor but left his medical career in 2002 to begin formal theological training. He received his M.Div in 2005 from Samara Theological Seminary.

Victor, Katya, and their children, Theodor and Tanya, moved to Moscow in 2009 and helped plant a new church. He received an MA in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University in 2015 and the same degree from the International Counseling Institute in Moscow.

Victor is now a pastor at Russian Bible Church (RBC) in Moscow, where he preaches, counsels people, and trains new leaders for ministry. He works to train new leaders to join the RBC pastoral team, prepare leaders for new church plants, and strengthen and prepare fellow teachers in the counseling class. Russian Bible Church spearheads Ecclesia, a movement of like-minded biblically-based churches in Moscow and Russia. The hope is that biblical churches in Moscow would be open to planting new churches and revitalizing existing ones.

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